«Perfect material for modeling!»: These photos show that the beauty of our grannies was underestimated

Here are grannies who in youth looked better than today’s models 😍

When we think about our grannies, the first things that cross our mind are cozy houses, the aroma of pies and knitted sweaters, yet when we go deeper we will see that our grannies in youth looked much better than we expected them to be.

These vintage photos taken by old cameras will definitely amaze all of you and literally leave speechless. You won’t believe your eyes when you realize that these grannies were totally ordinary people.

It is noteworthy that at that time they could use no filters, retouching and Photoshop to enhance their appearance and look better. Now, it is your turn, our dear readers, to share your opinion about them!

They could easily be mistaken for supermodels since they looked no less attractive and flawless.

They truly were the epitome of beauty, femininity and grace that today’s models with surgeries can’t catch up with.

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