«A newborn with an angel’s face»: The angelic appearance of this infant with snow-white hair still charms everyone after years

This is how the unique baby born with angelic appearance has changed over years

There is no denying that absolutely all babies are born unique and beautiful. However, the photos of this infant with snow-white hair won’t let any of you remain indifferent. You can hardly take your eyes off his cute nose, tiny bow lips and unusual hair.

Meet Benz, an absolutely unique baby boy who was born weighing almost five kilos and with totally extraordinary features – with completely white hair and eyebrows.

Though doctors did everything possible to figure out what caused the newborn’s hair color, they couldn’t succeed. Unlike many people’s assumptions, Benz doesn’t have albinism, instead, this is something unique that makes him distinctive.

Surprisingly enough, Benz, being the third child of the family, is the only one there with such unique and extraordinary appearance.

Another suggestion claims that during the period of pregnancy, Benz’s mother experienced something stressful which caused him to be born with such a uniqueness. However, his mother can’t remember anything terrible happen at that time.

It is likely in one of his parents’ genetics that Benz was born with snow-white hair which is the lack of vitamin V12 or else the hair mutation. Benz is often called «Charming Prince».

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