“Indescribable emotions!”: Prematurely born girl, diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis, first hears her sister’s voice

Prematurely born baby was given a chance to hear her sister’s voice for the first time

The heartwarming video today’s mother from Georgia has recently shared went viral the Internet without letting any single one remain indifferent. The whole thing is that her little baby was born prematurely and was, misfortunately, diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis which mainly affects the newborn.

Since the poor baby’s hearing was extremely poor, the family bought a hearing aid and the way the child reacted was definitely something out of this world.

Once she hears her sister’s voice for the first time who exclaims “younger sister”, the baby immediately started laughing and her emotions were simply indescribable. She, undoubtedly, hasn’t experienced a happier moment before.

The touching video surely won’t let any of you remain indifferent. Enjoy watching

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