“Proofs that beauty on social media is fake”: This girl showed that perfection exists neither on social media nor in reality

This blogger from Australia proved that beauty on magazine covers is fake

Bree Lenehan is a youthful girl from Australia who actively leads her networking pages demonstrating that beauty on social media and magazines is often fake. Bree showed that photographers use proper lighting and “right” poses in order to capture the good sides of models and celebrities.

Look how this girl’s tummy looks when she picked it up!

Stunning legs sometimes turn out to be imperfect!

Just don’t sit relaxed!

The cellulite is quite visible in the wrong lighting.

Everyone can clearly see the huge difference between the left and the right photo.

You are required to pose properly.

The amazing girl seems to possess two absolutely different figures.

Pay much attention to how you demonstrate yourself!

Surprising how her body changes!

Even when the thinnest girl sits relaxed, folds will appear on her belly.

Simply amazing!

Be aware of your strong sides!

However surprising it may seem, here is the same girl!

Men would definitely get confused looking at these shots!

Right lighting and posture are essential here!

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