Inspiring Resilience: Meet Joey, the Brave Koala Who Overcame Adversity

Everything is possible if you have a strong will 🐨🤗

Werribee Zoo in Australia is focused on protecting helpless and defenseless animals in the area. They try to save those who need them, making their lives better.

Although they have rescued a great number of animals, this sweet koala is the symbol of their zoo, because she is the bravest creature they’ve ever met.

Meet Joey, the koala, who was extremely tiny when she was first brought to the zoo.

The baby lost her mother, when a group of dogs attacked her. The poor animal tried to climb the tree with her baby sitting on her back, but unfortunately, she fell on the ground and it was impossible to save her life. Only little Joey, who was 5 months old at that time, stayed alive. Although she had some injuries, skilled vets managed to save her.

At that time the poor animal was only 500 grams, but thanks to her bravery and the great efforts of the vets, she gained much weight and became completely healthy and strong.

Now she enjoys her freedom in the wild and is called the symbol of the zoo.

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