Internet Sensation: Meet Bogart, the Stubbornly Hilarious Bulldog with a Fence Full of Funny Art!

He has no idea how hilarious he looks 🐶🤗

Bogart, 4-year-old sweet bulldog, and his mother enjoy watching the outside world through the fence of their house, but it was not an ordinary fence as their owner made something funny to amuse passersby.

She drew some funny pictures right on the part of the fence where her dogs like to watch.

After it Bogart became quite famous not only in the district but also on social media, because his image is much funnier than that of his mother.

His owners say that Bogart is very affectionate and loving. He always amuses his human mother and supports her in everything. But there’s something negative in his character: he is quite stubborn, and if he doesn’t want to do something, no one and nothing can force him to do it.

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