Inspirational Bond: Golden Retriever Therapy Sparks Remarkable Recovery for Boy

The dog managed to motivate the boy to recover his health  🐶❤️👦

A resident of Utah named Caleb Howard appeared in a tragic vehicle accident. The only survivors of the accident was he and his sister, but he had a serious brain injury, that left him vegetative. Sadly his mother and siblings couldn’t survive.

The doctors told the boy’s father and grandmother, that the boy had little hope of recovery. They were so upset.

And also Caleb wasn’t responding and the situation even worsened. He was very weak and spent a lot of time in intensive care without any change.

His family lost their hope until a new option considered by the staff of the clinic.

They considered a new therapy done with the help of animals. They brought a golden retriever named Coronel, who was specially trained for such cases.

The boy’s state became a lot better after being treated by the puppy. He was the same size as Caleb.

The boy immediately showed change and got a lot motivated.

Colonel assisted Celab return back to social life.

One of the staff members considered, that such puppies like Caleb are very upset and didn’t want to be treated.

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