Abandoned Dog Seeks Loving Home: Heartbreaking Story of Belle’s Struggle for a New Beginning

The puppy was sad and confused after being leftover by her most beloved people 🐶🥲

Have you ever heard such an odd story? Share your thoughts.

A sweet dog named Belle was abandoned by her family in an animal shelter in California with the funniest reason ever. They told, that they are too busy to look after the puppy.

She is an easy going and kind puppy with a sweet personality. She had little health problems and was awesome. Her story was shared on Facebook by one of the volunteers of the shelter.

Belle spent all her life with her owners and it was very difficult for her to be left alone. She was sad and confused. Her only wish is to be adopted by other kind people, who will give her the love and support she deserves.

Just look at her after being left by her most beloved people.

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