Incredible Rescue: Abandoned Dog Fights for Recovery and Captures Hearts

The dog appeared to be a true fighter 🐶🤗

A sweet dog named Patrick was found inside the garbage chute. He was found the day before Saint Patrick’s Day and this is the reason for his name. He was rescued just in time, after a few minutes garbage compactor was going to suck up the garbage.

The dog was in awful condition and was rescued only thanks to attentive construction workers, who saw the moving thing and immediately called the Humane Society. The puppy was immediately taken to the vet, examined and treated.

The vet staff started giving him IV fluids and he had so low body temperature, that the thermometer didn’t even show it.

The vet workers opened a Facebook account for Patrick and named it The Patrick Miracle. After a lot of donations were made to help the dog recover. And thanks to this his story became well known one.

He was very scared and people understood it perfectly, as he had a hard life. He had a very hard and stressful life, at first, he lived without food, then he was tied up to a railing for seven days and after all of this was dumped down the garbage chute, as a piece of trash.

The founder of the vet clinic Dr. Thomas Scavelli told, that the puppy appeared to be famished for a long time.

Dr. Scavelli told, that the puppy loves people regardless of being leftover and suffering a lot. He is a true fighter.

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