People should follow animals’ examples. The caring dog’s generosity brightens his friend’s life 

Two dogs showed the true value of real friendship  🥹🤗

A sweet puppy named Hoshi had a glaucoma and because of it he had lost both of his eyes. Hoshi’s blindness didn’t affect his amazing character.

Hoshi made friends with a very kind dog named Zen, who was found on the streets of Washington just before his eyes removal operation.

Zen turned out to have a lot of health problems and also a very filthy look.

The owner of two sweet puppies named Pauline Perez told, that she immediately fell in love with Zen at first sight and she couldn’t have imagined, that he will become such an important figure in Hoshi’s life.

When Pauline and her partner considered to take Zen it was the most difficult time in Hoshi’s life and they were worried for his reaction. But happily, they soon became best friends.

Their friendship had a huge impact on their lives and they have helped one another a lot. At first, Zen was worried getting used to his new surroundings, but thanks to Hoshi’s support he soon relaxed and showed his beauty.

Zen clearly understands the importance and value of his help and support in Hoshi’s life and stands always by his side. They perfectly understand the value of true friendship.

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