Unbreakable Bond: Mike and Kitten Gracie’s Unconventional Adventures in Water and Nature Strengthen Their Unique Friendship

Both the owner and the kitty needed a friend at that time 🐱❤️👨‍🦰

Mike has an unusual and sweet relationship with his kitten named Gracie.

Usually, cats don’t like to water, but Gracie happily joins her owner for a swim without being prompted.

And they don’t enter the paddle. They enter into a reasonable depth before returning to the shore, which is even more amazing when you consider how small Gracie is. She’s a good swimmer and adores the water.

And when they get out of the water and return to the beach Gracie heads straight towards the towel. He also has some clean water to wash her fur from the salty water.

After cleaning Mike rubs the kitten with a towel and she is back to her fresh and clean appearance. It’s the best thing.

Mike lives on an island called St. John. He lives on a trailer. And he found Gracie when he was doing some work on the house. Gracie was hidden in one of the walls and he considered to help her.

He considered it as a fate, as both of them needed a friend at that time. And Mike considered taking Gracie to the beach after keeping her inside the trailer all the time.

But water isn’t her only beloved thing, she also adores climbing up the trees and also following her human. Mike loves the outdoors and he is always taking Gracie with him to become even more connected to one another.

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