A Tale of Friendship: Dora Befriends Wild Fox, Fostering Trust and Creating a Sanctuary for Healing

The woman welcomes all the wild animals in her backyard 🦊❤️👩‍🦰

A wild fox has been coming to Dora’s backyard for many years. And although many people in the United Kingdom are frightened of wild animals she tried to get to know the fox and befriended her.

Dora has named her Faith, but she is absolutely wild. She comes and goes whenever she wants and Dora feels like she finds out something new about her after her every visit.

She has learned a lot about wild foxes’ personality and concluded, that people have misunderstood them.

And one day when Dora saw Faith arrived at her garden she had an injured eye. Dora considered helping the wild fox, although it was risky. But the sweet fox immediately understood Dora is someone she can trust.

Now these two have an amazing connection. Dora considers when Faith needs time to relax and heal she comes to her garden. The fox sees her garden as a sanctuary, where she can relax and spend a leisure time.

Dora’s story shows us, that all of us can perform kind deeds and do everything to protect the lives of wild animals. And she also told in the video, that we ignore all the wild animals and harm them a lot. She welcomes all the animals in her backyard.

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