A Fateful Encounter: Stray Kitty Chooses Couple as Forever Family, Fosters Unbreakable Bonds with Dogs

The family dogs developed a strong bond with the kitty and considered her as a member of their pack 🐶❤️🐱

A couple named Tanveer and Priyanka were out for a walk and they were introduced to a sweet kitty.

They were amazed, as the kitty was very sociable for being a stray. She even stopped to ask them to pick him up.

The couple are constructing their new house and they were happy for the kitten to go with them and explore the building site.

The kitten they called Noorie would jump up into the trees to get a better view and play in the grass around the house.

After finishing their daily work the couple went to their new neighbors to ask them if it was their kitty, but no one knew Noorie. They didn’t know how to act.

Priyanka put him down, but he followed them to their car, as they wanted to go to their current home.

When they returned back to the car Noorie immediately jumped in and felt herself at home. Priyanka and Tanveer were chosen by the kitty and they couldn’t leave him alone. They only thought about their dog’s reaction, but they didn’t have to worry.

After a few days the dogs were happy to welcome the new members of their family.

Noorie soon began to play with the dogs and even slept in one bed with them. Their friendship continued to develop and Priyanka and Tanveer were very happy they brought Noorie home.

Now they couldn’t imagine their life without the kitty.

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