The 95-year-old woman became a real angel not only for the stray cat, but also for her kittens  

Despite her age, she is still willing to help others 🥹😊

Blanche is a kindhearted woman, who is 95 years old and has many health problems, but it never disturb her to help those who are in need.

When she spotted a cat in her backyard, she started to leave food for her. Then the animal appeared frequently, so the woman realized that she was a stray and needed help.

It’s obvious that she came there for help, so the woman couldn’t remain indifferent about the poor animal.

Day by day the catty’s belly was becoming bigger and bigger and it became clear that she was pregnant, so she needed much more attention.

Blanche was worried about her condition, because all the local shelters were full, so she made a decision to take care of the future mother by herself.

When she gave birth to her sweet babies, the woman covered the kittens with a blanket and kept them in a warm and safe place. She looked after them perfectly until they became ready for adoption.

The mother cat was very caring towards her babies until she was adopted by a loving family. She found her happiness and became a beloved pet for her owners.

Blanche is overjoyed to know that the catty is now safe in her new home and has got the life she deserves.

There are many other animals like our today’s hero, who need human help and care, so don’t be indifferent about them.

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