A Dog’s Love: Mother and Father Dog Show Devotion to Injured Puppy

It’s one of the most touching rescues ever! 🐶🥲

When Animal Aid Unlimited heard about an injured puppy, they rushed to help. When they reached, they came across a very exciting scene. The mother dog was crying by her puppy’s side and trying to help him, but she was unable.

As soon as she spotted the rescue team coming to save her child, she became calmer. After a short time the father dog appeared probably to check if his family was ok.

The rescue team acted quickly and immediately took the puppy to a vet clinic.

When they reached and carefully examined the dog, it turned out that the doggy had two serious injuries.

The puppy got all the appropriate treatment and recovered quickly.

When he was completely healthy and strong, the staff sent him to his family and they continued to live happily.

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