How a goat and puppy’s unlikely friendship led them to their forever home with a loving family!

The goat and puppy best friends were taken by the same family

So glad they discovered a caring home.

We are so happy, that the shelter kept them together. Most animal shelters don’t pay attention to the fact, that the pet siblings must live together. So happy these two have a permanent home.

The goat named Cinnamon and the puppy named Felix were taken to the shelter when their owner could no longer look after them.

Officials told, that they were living together when the animal control team of the city took to the shelter.
And soon their friendship became well known on the Internet.

And the two animals now live together on a local farm.

The shelter is known for its fantastic rescue network and they found the best solution for the animals after their custody. And this was the best decision they could make.

Their new family has plenty of room for puppies and also a small goat herd, which was the best for Cinnamon.

So glad they have discovered the best home for them and were taken together.

We are thankful to the family, who took them together and they were able to receive a lot of affection and care.

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