The little boy showed his respect towards animals. A cute story teaching love

The parents and friends of this little boy should be proud of his kindness 

This story is about a kind, little boy, who showed his big heart hugging one of God’s creatures. Someone was lucky to witness such a cute scene and capture it.

A little boy named Ibrahim was going to school, when he saw a pair of stray dogs along his way.

And the little boy stopped to hug them, instead of ignoring them as other people.

The little boy was very kind towards anyone and respects them a lot. Ibrahim couldn’t pass the animals without attention, so he considered making their day better b giving them the sweetest hug.

The boy thought no one was watching, but happily, there was someone, who not only saw the cute scene, but also captured it.

After some time he leaves them, but soon understands one of them still needs a hug and returns to hug it one more time.

What a kind heart he has. His parents and friends should be so proud of him.

Thanks to him the dogs felt happy and respected.

His kindness made the animals feel loved even for a short time in their sad lives.

We hope these sweet animals find caring owners, who will love them a lot.

Look at the video of the touching scene!

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