People can’t stop looking at this rescued owl’s stunning eyes that look unreal  

How beautiful his eyes are!

When this adorable owl named Zeus was found in Southern California, rescuers remained speechless when they saw his stunning eyes.

The poor creature was in a terrible condition, because he was injured due to his blindness.

When he got treatment and recovered, rescuers refused to return him to the wild as he couldn’t survive because of his eyesight problem.

He stayed at the Wildlife Learning Center of Sylmar and started a new carefree life next to kind people.

He is now everyone’s favorite and is always at the center of people’s attention.

No one remains indifferent about this cutie, because his eyes attracted everyone around him.

Luckily, Zeus is now completely healthy and enjoys his life in a safe place.

We hope that all helpless creatures will be saved and get a happy life.

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