The kind-hearted cyclist came across five abandoned puppies and built a safe future for them  

It’s hard to believe that people can be so cruel!

It’s really pleasant to see that still there are a lot of kinds and caring people who are eager to help poor creatures and make their lives safe.

This man named Tyago Costa Silva from Brazil was on the road when he spotted something awful.

It was a big whole where he found five little puppies. The poor animals were all alone and defenseless. The cyclist remained moveless for a while. He couldn’t understand who could do such a heartless action.

Tyago knew that he must act quickly because the cuties were in need. At first, he gave them some water and then put them all in his shirt and placed them to safety.

He took the animals to his house and began to look after them, providing them with everything they needed. He started to search for forever homes for the pups and luckily, after a short time they all were adopted by loving families.

Thanks to this man’s kindness five more creatures were saved and got the lives they dreamed of.

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