This mysterious cat led the crowd to the right direction and saved a life

Rescuers trusted the cat and succeeded

Animals have kind heart and they answer to your good attitude with it. The proof of this is a story about a black cat that saved her owner’s life.
The cat’s name is Piran.

After leaving her house to have a stroll in the village an old granny didn’t come back for several hours. The neighbours were worried and started to search for her. But as it was found out they chose wrong direction. Piran tried to explain the neighbours to follow him and they did it because they knew that Piran was granny’s favourite.

Piran led them to the place where old lady was. It was a dangerous area. The lady was in a bad situation and thought that nobody could help her.

Several hours were spent to save her life.

Now granny is feeling better and is under doctors’ control. By the way, Piran became popular after the official announcement of his courageous step.

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