A friendly cougar, who lives in an apartment and adores her family

A couple adopted a wild cat and enjoyed training her 

This story is about an unusual animal, which lives in an apartment. It is a huge cougar named Medis, that weighs 50 kg. His owners found him when he was just eight months old and lived in a zoo with three other cubs.

He was just three months old when he was sold and then he got the appropriate medical attention. One day a couple fell in love with him and they considered to buy her back.

The wife desired of having a wild cat in their apartment, but they were perplexed whether they could manage such a difficult task or not.

The owners told, that the cougar has dog like characteristics and he needs a lot of attention, love and special training. The cougar adores walking and walks with her owner with a great desire.

Now the cougar enjoys his new way of life and is friendly and sociable with everyone.

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