With his strange legs, the kitten seems to be a bug, however he is loved by everyone

What a strange shape of legs!

Arries is one of the rescued kittens who were saved by a small shelter in the USA. Because the weather was so cold and it would be challenging to stay outside, the staff rushed to give the poor creatures a cosy place to live.

When Arries became a bit older, one of the workers spotted that he has odd legs and differs from his siblings. After examining him, it turned out that the catty had to get some treatment because of his leg problems.

The workers must be patient and help the poor baby overcome all the difficulties. They had a long and hard way to go.

Although his leg problems were treated, his legs didn’t regain their normal shape and look like that of a bug.

Despite having a strange appearance, Arries does whatever other normal cats do and he never feels upset about his difference. Even with his unusual look, the catty is so stunning and loving and has a wonderful personality.

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