A happy ending for a puppy, who was adopted by a caring vet

A vet adopted her beloved puppy and they wore matching outfits 

A motorist found a puppy on the side of the road, that needed immediate help. The man took the puppy to the shelter. A small puppy was in an awful condition.

The medical staff weren’t sure if he would survive the night, but thanks to Dr. Lily and other staff members, he not only survived, but also managed to find a forever home. He got therapeutic baths, 24 hour care and tasty meals and completely recovered.

In the past two weeks he has gained weight, his hair had grown back and received the love of his vet. And thanks to their strong connection the doctor considered to adopt him. The shelter shared the news of the adoption.

The touching occasion was captured and allowed all the people, who were following the dog’s journey know about the happy ending. The puppy and her mother looked amazing and wore matching outfits.

He is the beloved one of the whole family and is happy to join them. He has three human siblings, two puppies, two kitties and a rabbit living in the same house with him.

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