The rescue team was barely able to get the dog out of the room where he was guarding his beloved one

What a heartbreaking story!

Here is the most faithful dog Dart, who is five years old and needs a loving and caring family.

The shelter where he now lives posted his story on social media in hopes of finding a forever home quickly.

When the rescue team was informed about the dog, who was guarding his owner’s body, who had just passed away, they hurried to the scene.

It was a very difficult task, because the dog was so aggressive towards those who were trying to enter the room.

The loyal animal had been stayed next to his beloved owner for five days without eating anything.

After much effort, the staff managed to get the doggy out of the room taking him to the shelter. The cutie adapted to his new environment quickly and became the staff’s favourite.

Now he stays under their strong care, but he needs a forever home, where he will feel calm and safe.

The canine is very faithful and friendly, so his future owners will be lucky enough to have such a cute and loving pet.

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