A lucky puppy, that was discovered by a kind man and his kid

A sweet puppy was adopted by a loving family

A guy and his child were travelling through a remote, almost inhabited part of Arkansas. They were relaxing on their customary day off and they couldn’t imagine that the day would be an unusual one.

They found a box in the already dried grass when it was really cold outside. When they went closer they found an old animal carriage with a puppy.

The father and son considered to take the dog and gave him their leftover food. And one of their bikes ran out of petrol. But they managed to take the puppy with them.

When they arrived home the dog had already been fed and washed. She was examined by a vet and given a medical and psychological treatment.

The man’s children were in love with the puppy, and he considered to adopt the animal. And from that very moment the puppy is enjoying her life with her new loving family.

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