The puppy, that delivered 12 babies and was taken to the vet clinic

The surprising number of puppies the dog has

A dog named Cello has become a real experience for her owners. The dog was thought to deliver six to eight puppies, but twelve small babies were born.

The owner of the dog told, that their home was very noisy throughout the delivery day. The owners found something in the evening of March 18. The dog started to behave strangely and the first puppy was born at that time. And then the others also were born.

The owner calmly breathed out as the puppy delivered nine babies waiting for the procedure’s conclusion. After having twelve puppies the family took the dog to the vet.

And 8 more babies were born after the dog received the appropriate medication. The other eleven babies are in a perfect condition and after they will become bigger the woman considered to give them for adoption. What’s your opinion.

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