A kind golden retriever, who brought a sweet kitten to her owners

Adorable relationships between a cat and a dog, that became stronger day by day

The tiny homeless cat had no hope, that he would ever find a loving home, when all of a sudden a golden retriever appeared.

The adorable story was shared on the Internet, where many followers liked it. Although the pictures made many people worried. When people saw, that a huge dog was pulling a tiny kitten they thought the worst.

It appeared, that the caring dog took the leftover kitten to his owners and they couldn’t refuse their dog’s request as the cat was very sweet and adorable.

The new owners bottle fed the tiny kitten. After having a bath, being fed and warmed, he became a sweet guy. And after some time the dog and the cat became closer.

It’s amazing seeing them spending time together, eating, having bath and so on. Have you ever seen such a connection between a dog and a cat? Share your story in the comments.

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