Two squirrel babies, that refused to depart their saviour and went to their mother

An affectionate policeman, who cared for the squirrel babies before taking them to their nest

A policeman named Andre LaVote saw something unusual on the side of the road when he was driving on a busy highway. The officer stopped, went out of the car and considered to rescue the two tiny squirrels.

Andre couldn’t leave them alone as they were abandoned. And in such cases it is better to quickly return them. He took the squirrels to take them to their nest.

The officer discovered a squirrel nest in one of the trees near the road. The man wanted to return the babies to their nest in order their mother locate them.

But the babies refused to depart their rescuer. Andre allowed the squirrels play on his arms for some time. And only after they fell asleep he was able to put them in their nest and went.

Many followers, who saw the post on the official website commented about the officer’s care and affection.

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