A poor puppy, who not only gained a new friend but also a protector

Sweet relationships between two dogs, that adored going on excursions together 

The world was a very desperate place for a tiny puppy named Luna.And also its because she was too tiny to be isolated from others.

And happily the tiny puppy’s life completely changed after meeting Beezy, an enormous Saint Bernard.Although Bezzy was very big and weighed 126 pounds he is a very kind dog and began treating Luna like a brother.

The owner named Dave told:«The first time she climbed on his back when he was calming down and after some time she settled there».And thanks to her new caring friend Luna can go on excursions whenever she wants.

And it was simple, as Beezy adored abiding to her sister’s instructions.The owner also told, that Bezzy is the calmest puppy and he gets along with everything.

We can only say, that Beezy is sweet to everyone and Luna is in control of this.The owner told, that there are many photos, where Luna is riding Beezy.

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