A pregnant cat, who requested people for an assistance and at least some water

A sweet mother cat, who gave birth to five adorable kittens next to the highway 

The pregnant cat was in a desperate state because of the heat and the animal rights activists learned about her on the Internet.They asked all the people passing by to give the cat at least some water.

Volunteers shared her story in a themed group hoping, that she would look after her.But after some time the cat started to wander.

And some volunteers told, that the cat had already given birth last day.She gave birth just next to the highway.And passerby didn’t even assist her, they just passed by.

Children have already taken one of her five kittens.Her city didn’t have a refuge with normal conditions, so she was sent to another city.

The poor mother was in a desperate state, so they immediately helped her.And happily she was able to recover.Now the shelter staff considers how to manage to keep both the mother and the kittens.Happily the story has a happy ending and they’re safe.

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