The neighbouring cat and dog developed a sincere friendship

A touching incident proved the cat’s and dog’s true friendship 

Many people consider their animals as more than just their pets.And everything in this neighbourhood changed when a dog came to live there.Their lives completely changed when their husband brought a puppy.According to the Puppy’s owner the dog was very energetic.

After the puppy’s arrival there was always happiness and laughter in their house. And also a newly adopted cat was living in their close neighbour’s garage.So he considered to take the puppy for a walk.And when the puppy went outdoors the cat started to play and snuggle with him.

The dog’s owner knew, that when they come back from their walk the cat would be waiting for them.The cat and the dog became sincere friends.The puppy started to ask to visit the cat.The longer it took the harder it became to split the friends apart.

Once on a rainy day the owner saw a cat waiting for them in the pouring rain.And it was hard to be indifferent after seeing it.

He chose to wait for his friend, despite being soaked from the rain.The owner told, that the cat purred for two days.

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