A distinctive cat, who didn’t have the two front legs

A sweet cat, who welcomes her owner without happiness 

The cat named Pali has many characteristics of other cats.She adores playing, eating and going to the bathroom.She sleeps almost all day like other cats.

But Pali is distinctive.She lacked her two front legs from birth.And happily Milo saw her by accident and brought her home.At first it was hard for Milo to care for the cat, as he had never before had a cat with special needs.

But soon Milo found Mercury, another two-legged cat with Internet popularity and was motivated by his story.

The cat easily learned walking on its two rear legs.She started to play her own game.When she was tired she extends to her maximum height and crinkles her back into a C shape.

Milo told, that she considers herself rare.She also added, that although she is tough she missed her when she went for work.

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