A pregnant elephant dug a hole in order to give birth

A mother elephant with a strong might, that finally gave birth

A small town’s people seemed to be indifferent, that an elephant lived nearby and was actively digging a hole. And as it was a usual occurrence for such animals, they didn’t pay attention to it.

But the town’s people understood something was not normal when an elephant continued digging for almost 10 hours without stopping and her herd disappeared during that time.

Elephants need to bath in mud and dust often to protect themselves from the sun. The locals considered to attract the elephant’s attention by giving it food.

The people considered to wait, as they wanted to understand what was going on, but she didn’t even look at the food and continued to dig with all her might. People saw a small newborn elephant when they get closer to them.

People knew they must move quickly and calmly as the mother cleared the gathering since they didn’t have much time. And after eleven hours the elephant mother finally gave birth. She had been working without stop for such a long time and she was able to give birth.

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