The teacher quit her job for a wonderful aim: she created her own useful organisation  

What an amazing decision! 

Here is a 55 years old kindhearted woman named Lalisa, who had been a teacher, but quit her job for a touching reason. She created her own organisation, which deals with lost animals. She started this work with several volunteers and a great number of animals have saved thanks to their efforts.

Since 2017, about 750 animals have been found and handed to their owners. Although there are some, who have not been located yet, they do their best to return lost pets to their humans.

When they are informed about any lost pet, at first they collect as much information as possible about it. After that, they start searching for it with all their efforts. Sometimes they do not succeed, but it never stops them going forward.

Lalisa is a great example for everyone. She is a real hero and everyone must know about her.

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