The scary looking cat is now so stunning and looks unrecognizable. So amazing!

What a great transformation!

Once, when Cara Weinberg was walking in a park in Florida, she spotted a group of stray cats, who were in an awful condition. At first the kind woman brought some medication to save the animals.

She was doing her job when suddenly noticed a grey cat. She immediately captured Cara’s attention and made the woman fall in love with her. Cara approached her calmly and began to call. The poor animal realised that she was going to be saved and stepped towards the human. Cara took the catty home without hesitation. She called her Angie.

Then the woman shared her photo on Facebook thinking that she had owners.

Angie got everything she needed. Her lovely human made her life better and happier. She turned to be so friendly and joyful.

Now the cat looks so different. The miserable animal became so stunning. Thanks to her rescuer’s kindness, Angie is now completely healthy and happy.
She was taken to a refuge, where many cats are waiting for their forever homes. We are sure they will find their loving owners very soon.

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