A pregnant cat became linked to his mother after all the things they had gone through

Sweet kittens were born, that were put for adoption 

An adorable cat, that was roaming a backyard asked for assistance to have her babies. A homeless cat named Wurst considered she just may be safe there, as she had been buddies with the cat from the next house, when she requested for assistance.

Lida started to notice, that a black cat often visited her house. Wurst appeared to love Lida’s cat and wanted to befriend her, although she was a little shy.

And after meeting Wurst Lida began putting food outside, as she could eat when she visited them. And after some days Lida noticed, that Wurst’s stomach was getting bigger and bigger every day and she was pregnant.

And after some time she gave birth. When she opened the door Wurst entered and found a cozy place for her. Wurst had four adorable kittens and Lida put all of them for adoption when they were old enough.

Wurst linked with her caring mother after all the things they had gone through together and the woman considered to take her.

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