A recent trip to the salon, almost put a stop to the friendship of a dog and cat

The cat sister didn’t like her brother’s different haircut 

It took a long time to a dog named Tulip to gain his fluffy sister’s trust but he finally succeeded. The cat started to spend a lot of time with him and the dog and cat started to befriend.

But a recent trip to the salon stopped their friendship. Tulip’s owner Amelia Alckmim considered, that the dog’s curly hair are too long.

And she took him to the groomer, who cut his hair a lot.

But the cat Milly didn’t like the new haircut of her brother. When Tulip came back from the salon the cat didn’t recognise him and thought she was with another dog.

Amelia told, that it was absolutely uncomfortable.

Happily soon the cat understood, that despite his different hairstyle he is still her brother and best friend. Now they are able to play and walk together and Tulip likes his new appearance.

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