The smart dog entered the pharmacy with a request. This story excited the whole world!

What intelligence!

We all know how smart dogs are, and in many cases their intelligence is more than just amazing. They easily learn human habits and if it’s necessary repeat them.

People began to accept our canine friends in society and welcome them in the places where they should not be. So this make dogs feel more confident and trust people.
Read the story of our today’s beauty, and you’ll understand what we are speaking about.

When this story was shared on social media, a great number of people got touched by it. They never expected that dogs can be so smart.

At first the worker didn’t understand the aim of the dog’s arrival.

But then she noticed a wound on its paw and realised that the poor creature came for help. The woman cured its paw without hesitation and the dog’s satisfied face expressed gratitude for her kindness.

Thank you for your humanity!

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