The smart student won $60,000 in the competition and did something heroic. That’s exciting!

What generosity!

This 13 years old kindhearted girl did an exciting thing after winning $60,000 in the competition. She donated her award to the shelter where she volunteers. After this heroic move, many shelter animals quickly became adopted.

She did it after getting a great support from her catty. She had some health problems, but her catty helped her overcome all the difficulties. And after it she decided to support the shelter animals.

She volunteers the shelter and one day she brought a year old kitten there and when she heard about the essay competition, she decided to try her luck, but she never expected that she would become the winner. In the essay she wrote about her beloved catty Mister Matt, how adorable he is and about his cute cuddles and supports. And for this she won $60,000.

In this way she wanted to express her gratitude to her lovely catty for what he did for her and how he changed her life.

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