They are practically inseparable. This cute dog and jaguar are the closest companion

Bullet and Jag have a deep bond.

Feral creatures such as foxes, tigers, and cougars are majestic and fickle. They are known for their excellent hunting skills and are the primary threat to our four-legged friends.

Happily, dogs are able to charm various creatures. In the frame, Jack Russell moved to Aquaaba Lodge located in South Africa.

There he had an encounter with a good-natured jaguar, and they instantly became the best fellows. Currently, Bullet and his feline companion are practically inseparable.

The two cuties do everything jointly, including relaxing, playing, and even offering dinners. It’s unusual to see two such beings sharing a space, let alone snuggle up to each other.

A great merit in this belongs to the meeting with friends when Jaguar Jag was so young. If sleeping and playing together wasn’t enough, these two say adoration knows no bounds, even among animals.

These two beings are more insightful than we think, and we’re sure that Bullet and Jag have a deep bond.

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