No one understands why this adorable dog hasn’t found a forever home yet, because he has such a great personality

What an amazing creature!

Meet Chesbro, a rescued dog, who was taken to the Humane Society of the Desert after being found wandering on the streets.

Now the cutie is already 6 years old and is still waiting for his forever home.

When Chesbro was first brought to the shelter, he was so shy and unconfident, but thanks to the staff’s great efforts he became sociable and friendly. Now the beauty loves to have fun with his beloved humans, but doesn’t like to socialise with strangers at once. At first he wants to get attention from them, then shows his personality.

When adopters arrive, they hope to see dogs who will immediately approach and befriend them. But Chesro is not like this, for he never approaches strangers until he knows them. He needs a few minutes to adjust to them, then he becomes more confident and sociable.

Therefore, the people choose others, and the poor dog remains in the same place. It is very surprising to the staff to see that such an amazing creature has not yet found its family.

But the workers are sure that Chesro will soon find his loving family, who will accept him in the way he is and will make him the happiest in the world.

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