The mother cat was relaxed after understanding her kittens are safe

The cat mother and her six kittens were fortunate to be rescued

An animal rights organisation in Australia was informed by a local about a cat and her kittens discovered in a carrier in a parking lot. The animal rights activists told, that it is unknown how long she stayed there.

The family was immediately sent to the vet for an examination.

After some time the mother cat was relaxed and understood only good things are waiting for her and her kittens. She ate all the food, that was given to her and was absolutely happy.

The mother cat named Aurora was overjoyed to have a roof over her head and necessary amount of food after moving her and her kittens to a temporary abode. She took care of her babies, quickly regained her strength and then slept.

She helped her six kittens in developing their eyes, maturing and becoming stronger. Aurora was able to find a forever home.

She jumps to their bed in the morning and welcomes her lovers purring sweetly. She has forgot the past and now lives in happiness.

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