A constant whisper coming from the boxes, that were placed next to the shelter

Fluffy kittens were freed inside the boxes

A very doubtful boxes were placed next to the shelter In Arizona as it seemed as if the boxes would be sent somewhere else. And there was a constant whisper from inside… Volunteers went to the scene to discover what happened.

It was hard to quickly open the boxes, as they were wrapped in dust tape.

Volunteers had to use a knife and when the first box was opened, three scared cat faces appeared from there.

There were also red haired cats in the second ad third boxes. They looked at people with their big eyes and greedily inhaled the air after being locked up.

There were 11 kittens freed by the volunteers from the boxes.

And all of the kittens had fleas, malnutrition and stress.

They were transported to the refugee and fed. The cats became less frightened and more curious with their surroundings and the people, who took care of them.

And after the story became popular people around the world started sending money for food, treatment, toys, and also microchipping and vaccinations.

Now the kittens are in good hands, and they only need to get a little stronger and find loving owners!

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