The injured bunny who had no chance to live, decided to fight to the end and he succeeded

What a strong will!

Meet Wheelz, a rescued bunny, who was found in an awful condition and was given the second chance at life by a farmer at Overlook Acres, US. The kind man did the impossible to make the cutie healthy and strong.

Although the chance of Wheelz’s survival was very low, the kind farmer decided to try, and although he had to live paralysed, he fought to the end and thanks to his strong will and courage, now he lives his best life.

The farmer gave him a skateboard wheelchair, so he could move properly.

Now the beauty is safe and protected and all this is due to the kindness of humanity. He has a forever home and gets much love and care from his owners.

We must be very kind and caring towards each helpless creature and protect them from any danger.

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