Pair of owls photographed on camera sharing a tender moment

These owls are exceptionally amiable with each other and get along great with each other.

Truly, while no one expects a pet owl to become cute anytime soon, this artist recorded on camera two owls sharing a special tender moment.

Owls are known for being solitary birds, so it’s very hard to recognize two owls at the same time, let alone some of those birds that beg to share a kiss.

Really, one fortunate artist from the UK figured out how to look at such an amazingly curious scene.

Leslie Arnott has learned how to make some of the real thrilling experience between two pet owls in a small town in Staffordshire, UK.

“They are in very hard circumstances in an unfamiliar wood and the couple flew for a while before sharing their exclusive second,” the artist said. “They started to clear their heads and become very tender.

Then came the moment when they seemed to be kissing each other. They ‘kissed’ twice… a second I’ve never seen since.”

The photographer said that two massive birds spend several minutes there on a tree branch before grabbing a fly. And this time they were so soft with each other.

Nevertheless, what is even more fascinating is that these two birds are actually not a pair, but sisters. As for the open kiss they shared, Leslie is sure that we won’t get any explanation anytime soon.

“These owls are exceptionally amiable to each other and get along great with each other, but they are not a breeding mate,” he said. They truly are sisters.”

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