A courageous motorcyclist, who appeared at the right time in the right place

A happy ending of a kitten story, that was in a real danger

A man named Quentin Leroy may not have seen the kitten is he hadn’t blinked.

But he noticed her just in time.

Last month he was out for a motorcycle ride in Belgium when he noticed a little animal curled in the most dangerous of places.

“I was amazed and shouted “No, there’s a kitten in the middle of the road!” told Leroy.

He and the other man who stopped his car went to the kitten to rescue her.

Leroy told: “The kitten was frightened.”

Leroy wasn’t able to take the kitten home, but happily the man that also stopped decided to take her to safety. In the end the kitten was placed in a local rescue group.

The kitten, that was named Silky is waiting for a new home in a foster family.

Leroy became a real hero that day for his sharp eye and he claimed, that he just followed his heart.

“I wasn’t able to leave her. I’m happy, that I wasn’t the only one who stopped for the rescue.”

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