An unexpected visitor in a garbage cat waiting to be adopted

A sweetie following his new owners in the house

A small act of sympathy might mean a lot more than you think. It changed everything for a cat named Granpruno.

A couple from Montreal started leaving food for homeless cats in their area. And soon they found a gloomy looking cat, who was extremely hungry. He was like one of their named Pruno, so he was named “Granpruno.”

Granpruno returns to the couple’s yard every day, but he was so affectionate and friendly that they thought he had a home and a family somewhere.

“The big cat wanted caresses and also he was happy to attract attention. He came immediately after they called him.” wrote the animal rescue on Facebook. “He was sweet and friendly, he had an amazing hair and he looked normal.”

And when Granpruno didn’t come one day the couple were worried. They considered he was with his family, but continued to leave food out and followed their yard if he returned.

And after a few weeks they were taking their trash when they suddenly discovered Granpruno. They were amazed to find out how their lovely cat had changed.

“He was skin and bones and looked bad. When he came to them they immediately hugged him. Without saying a word he stayed with them.”

The couple saw, that he needed extreme medical help and took him to the local rescue. Granpruno was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which made it hard for him to keep meals down.

And after he started taking medicine, he came back to his normal healthy and happy life.

“He treats well all the cats in the house. He adores to play and cuddle. If you use feathers and games with catnip, he becomes a cat, that rolls on his back and rubs himself with pleasure. He follows the feathers and has fun like a baby.” wrote the rescue on Facebook.

Granpruno is healthy living a happy life with a family, that adores him. And also he isn’t letting his employees out of his sight.

“He adores being near his humans. He follows them in the house to see what they are doing.” wrote the rescue group.

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