A homeless pregnant cat begged a man to live with him

A courageous cat mother, that organized a safe environment for her babies

One cold winter night a homeless cat appeared at the front door of a house.

Although it wasn’t her house, she begged to be allowed to go in.

As it was a very cold night the owner of the house felt pity for her and let her in.

The cat was very friendly and she didn’t mind having her head stroked.

As there were no other pets in the house and the owner never had a pet he decided to keep her.

She was dirty and had matted fur, but these were little things, that could be easily fixed and she was in a good health condition as the man told.

After some time the guy saw, that the cat is gaining weight and is sleeping all day long. And he immediately understood the reason why she begged to be let in, she was pregnant.

It was a really courageous decision for a cat mother to beg the house owner to be let in to have her kittens in safety.

Soon three beautiful kittens were born. They are growing healthy thanks to the kind man and their mother.

The kittens will be ready to be adopted into their permanent homes when they reach the age of two.

The man told, that it was difficult for him to separate the kittens into different homes, but he is sure that they will be happy.

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