When this cute kitty and caring dog met, they knew they were born for each other

What a fitting pair!

Meet Paddington and Butler, two inseparable friends who have a strong bond and amaze everyone with their adorable photos.

The family got Butler, the cute catty, in 2014. At that time he was too small and hardly survived away from his mother, but surprisingly he found his comfort in the arms of Paddington and since then they are inseparable.

These two beauties love to spend time together. They enjoy eating, playing and just sitting by the window and looking out.

In 2017, it turned out that Paddington has a disease and he has to visit the vet frequently. So when he is not at home, his lovely friend sits by the door and impatiently waits for his beloved one.

They are so attractive! Look at these photos and smile all day!

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