The cutest photos of the cats, who chose the most uncomfortable and the craziest places to sleep

Amazing cats! Are you feeling well?

If you have a cat at home, these photos won’t be so surprising for you, because your cat probably chooses the most uncomfortable places to have a nap. It’s their uniqueness and we just need to sit and enjoy the funny photos of these beauties.

Generally, cats sleep 16 hours a day, which is quite unusual for us. Can you imagine if you sleep like cats? You won’t get anything done and you’ll just waste your day.

Cats just need cosy places where they can sleep as much as they want. The places which are quite strange for us, are so comfortable for them.

So watch these crazy photos and smile all day.

Really? Is it comfortable?

What a cute face!

Such a soft place!

Is the first kitten well?

My legs are warm!

I just wanted to watch the birds, but…

Don’t work! Have a rest!

It’s so funny!

Oh, it’s so hot here!

Although it is not very comfortable, I’m protected from the cold.

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